Ralph (Raf) Young was born about 1850 in Bayou Rapides Parish and married three times. On June 19,1869 he married Nancy Matthews on the Sousans Plantation and their children are listed below in bold black roman numerals. 

I. William J. Young who was  born about 1866 married Kitty Stewart who was born about 1868. Kitty was the daughter of Cecie Johnson who was born about 1820. William helped rear several of his sibling after his mother Nancy Young passed. His sibling were James, Ella, Diana and two nieces Adelia and Jane Jackson. William J. Young was pastor at Live Oak Baptist Church located at 2539 Harrison Street from 1916-1933. He also owned a home at 2307 Harris Street in Alexandria.

William J Young and Kitty Stewart’s 9 children were:
1. John Young born March 1890
2. James Young born December 1891 married Beatrice Batiste on July 21, 1923.
3. William Young Junior born March 1894
4. Nannie Young born December 1896 who married John Hall on October 29, 1917. John was the son of Anise and Eley Hall located at 2244 Mason Street. 
5. Ora J Young status unknown.
6. Sarah Young born 1901 ( no additional information)
7. Mathilda Young born 1910 married Henry Brady in 1924 they son of Robert and Maria Brady.
Mathilda and Henry had two children:
a. Jessy Brady
b. John Brady
8. Celie Young born 1908 married Preston Pervis on March 16, 1918.
9. Atlanta( Lanty) Young was born about 1910 in Rapides Parish Hot Wells Ward 8 and married Bernice White who was born about 1913 in Selma Louisiana, and was the daughter of  William White and Janie Roberson. Bernice appears to have been married several times. Her first husband was Mylus Miller Senior with whom she had two children. Lanty Young was her second husband, and Wilson Bethea Junior was the third husband with which she had one child.

The children and grand children of Lanty and Bernice were:
1. Samuel Taft Young born about April 10, 1955 and died October 19, 2006.
2. Deloise Young  Williams
3. Maxine Young Howard (Johnny)
4. Lannie B. Young Johnson 
5. Dr. Raymond Young (Connie)
6. Robert Young(Barbara)
7. Joseph Young 
8. Julliette Young 
9. Mylus Miller Junior
10. Bernice Ann Miller Winston Bethea was born December 17, 1934 and died May 30, 1997. Bernice was the           daughter of Mylus Miller Senior and the granddaughter of William White and Janie Roberson.
11. Lydndra Ann Bethea 
Il. Jane Young born about 1868
Ill. Nancy Young born about 1871
IV. James Young born about 1872
V. Dianne Young born about 1877
VI. Betty Ann Young born about 1877
VII. Ella Young was born about 1884 in Louisiana Bayou Rapides ward 8 was born about 1852 and died before the 1900 Census. Ella Young was sixteen years old and residing with her oldest brother William Young and his family who was born about 1870 and married Kitty Stewart. 
On January 20, 1904 Ella married William Shorter who was born about 1880 and they moved to 605 Houston where they owned their home. Their children were:
1. Ella Shorter born 1909 status unknown.
2. Lloyd Shorter born 1913 married Mary L Coleman .
3. Rev.Roosevelt Shorter born 1904 married Florence Merle on April 3, 1924 and had two sons:
    a. William Shorter who died October 28, 1928 and was a Private in the 161st Depot Brigade.
    b. Roosevelt Shorter Jr. (U.S. Army) 
4.  Phillip Shorter married Keanie Coleman on November 29, 1916 and had one child:
    a. Verline D.Shorter married Henry Williams and had one daughter: 
        1. Mrs.J Rax 
5. Bertha Shorter married Rev. Vannie Brown on February 24, 1927 who was the pastor of Antioch Baptist Church.

VIII. Mary (Mim)Young was born February 1887 in Bayou Rapides ward 8 on Archinard Place, married Henry Gibson and the family resided at 1552 Turregano Street in Alexandria. She was a widow before 1920 and died on February 25, 1958. Her children with Henry Gibson were:
1. Jane Gibson born 1908 status unknown.
2. Mildred Gibson born 1913.
3. Mannie Gibson born 1914
4. Lubertha Gibson born July 14, 1918 married Clemes Jones Senior on October 16, 1936. Their children were:
    a. Clem Jones Jr.
    b. Benjamin Jones
    c. Robert Jones 
    d. Daisy Jones Stanley 
    e. Lois M. Jones 
    f. Mabra Jones   
5. Corrine Gibson born about 1919  and died September 22, 2005 was married to T. J. Howard son of James Howard     and Sallie Porter. Their children were
    a. Thomas Howard Jr.
    b. Charlie Howard
    c. Rev. Bernard Howard
    c. Lue Howard 
    d. Donald Howard
    e. Hilda Jean Howard
6. Henry Gibson Jr born 1910
7. Linsey Gibson born 1913
8. Charlie Gibson born 1916
9.  R.L. Canady (2 year old nephew)
IX. Lilly Young our grandmother was born about 1892 on Bayou Rapides Parish Ward 8 at Archinard Place. She married Louis Dorty( Williams) on February 8, 1906 who was the son of Jerry Williams Senior and Milly Dorty. Lilly and Louis had twelve children, for more information about them, click the Dorty-Williams link above.

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                 RALPH YOUNG 
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