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​Joann Young was born about 1844 and married twice, her first husband Stephen King White was born about 1820. Joann married her second husband Charles A. Newell who was born about 1848 died April 5, 1882. Joann died before 1910.  

Joann Young and Steven White’s 2 children were: 
1. Lanty White born 1865 (no other information)
2. Cornelia White born 1867 married Ben Kennedy and had 4 children:
    (1) Sandford Kennedy born 1877
    (2) Carolina Kennedy born 1878 
    (3) Ben Kennedy born about 1879 
    (4) Anna Kennedy born about 1882
Charles Newell was later reported as living with his nephew Lanty Young Junior and his family. Currently no other information is available, however if you are a family member and have verifiable information please contact us and we will post the new information here.  

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