This page is dedicated to Drucella Young; one of the daughters of William James Young pictured above. Drucella was born in February of 1835 and married Lanty Young who was born about 1818 on March 25, 1871. Lanty Young was the son of Jeff Young and Louisa Hensley who lived on the Evariste Archinard Plantation five miles from Alexandria. Drucella and Lanty moved to Alexandria had 11 or more children including Elijah Young. Drucellla died after 1910 and Lanty lived until April 27th of 1926. Their children and grandchildren were:

1. John Young born about 1858 married Cerilda Tyler on August 12, 1886

2. Leonard Young was born November 1861in Louisiana, Ward 8 Bayou Rapides Parish and married Malinda Shaw on December 17, 1885 who was born about March 1865.The couple moved to Alexandria and resided at 1420 Turraganno Street. Leonard was a self employed Carpenter who died March 20, 1934. Leonard and Malinda’s children were:
a. Mary Young born about August 1886
b. Leonard Young Junior
c. Jack Young born July 1894
d.Elizabeth Young born 1897
e. Matilda Young born April 1900
f. Laura Young married Ira Rufus on December 24, 1920

3. Caroline Young born about 1861 and married Henry Brown on December 27, 1876, witnesses were Jane Sebrew, Adolph Perry and Reverend Thomas Perry who performed the ceremony. 

4. Malinda Young born May 1853 on Archinard Place and married Thomas Madison on December 20, 1873. Thomas Madison was born November 1852, and the couple had 17 children and ten lived. 
1.  Hilery Madison born 1877 married twice 1. Amica. 2. Irma Lee Eagle ‘s children were:
a.  Laren Madison
b.  Hilery Madison 
c.  Lilly Madison
2.  Phanelia Madison born December 1878 status unknown
3.  Lucindy Madison born 1882 married John Williams on May 15, 1916
4.  Samuel Madison born 1883 married Hester CLEVELAND ON January 28, 1927
5.  Malindy Madison born March 1884 status unknown
6. Martha Madison born September 1888 status unknown
7. Dodgie Madison born April 1892 status unknown
8. Thomas (Tee) Madison born September 1884 married Pearl Shorter on January 15, 1917
9. Estelle Madison born June 1900 married HENRY Powell on April 26, 1922
10. Brown Madison born 1903, two grandchildren 
a. Fanny Gaines born 1897
b.Henrietta Gaines born 1901 

5. Lucindy Young born July 1860 on Archinard Place and married Robert Addison on April 2, 1885. The family moved to Alexandria and resided at 2621 Wise Street. The couple had 14 children who were:
1. Robert Addison born January 1889 married Susie Herbert on May 19, 1913
2. Davis Addison born December 1889
3. June Addison born February 1892.
4. Sallie Addison born June1894
5. Jim Addison born November 1895
6. Andrew Addison born March 1897
7. Nora Addison born 1903 married twice 1. Lee Etta Gatewood on November 19, 1925. 2. Myrtle (surname unknown)          they resided at 2903 Overton Street 
8. Mary Addison born 1901(twin).
9. Martha Addison born 1901 (twin) married Nathan Atkins on August 30, 1928
10. Caroline Addison born  1904 lived at 1312 Huffman Street and married Robert Hutton on July 30, 1923
11. Samuel Addison born 1906 married Mayethel Washington on October 3, 1928
7/6/2016 Newly added information from 5/19/2015: Annie Addison Taylor identified herself as the grand daughter of  Samuel Addison. 
12. Joseph Addison born 1907 (twin) married Lulu La Crox on August 18, 1928    
13. Josephine Addison born  1907 (twin)
14. Leonard Addison married Bettie(surname unknown) lived with his mother  at 2621 Wise Street with his 2           grandchildren:
a. Dave Addison born 1921 
b. Louis Addison born 1929 
Nephew Robert Williams born 1908

6. Annie Young born about 1868 on Archinard Place and married Kirby Winchester who was born about 1868. The date the couple was married June 5, 1890 and they resided at 2219 Mason Street and had seven living children:
1. Leonard (Lynn) Winchester(Reverend) was born March 7, 1897 and married Elizabeth Coaty on June 18, 1922. Elizabeth was born November 7, 1891 and died November 11, 1992. Leonard resided at 1616 Dallas, operated a Screen Line Curb Line and died October 20, 1997 . The couple had one daughter: 
  a. Elizabeth Winchester Haines born February 5, 1915 and died August 3, 1987.
2. John Winchester (no additional information)
3.. Charity Winchester married Ivory Simon on September 11, 1923.
4. Annie Winchester (no additional information)
5. Charlotte Winchester married Mack Gilder on august 12, 1915.
6. Ray Winchester  (no additional information)
7. Alice Winchester( no additional information)

7. Clara Young born about May 1850 in Bayou Rapides Parrish Ward 8 married Andrew Morris on July 17, 1879. Andrew Morris was born June 1850. The couple had 5 children:
1. Georgia Morris born April 1879 married Andrew Kennedy who was born April 1876
2. Andrew Morris Junior born December 1889
3. John Morris born January 1888
4. George Morris born October 188?
5. Larry Morris born September 1890

8. Louisa Young born about 1864 on Bayou Rapides Parish Ward 8 married 3 times; Joseph Batups, James Beatty,       and Willie Crankshank, and was the mother of  seven children listed below.
1. Anthony (Baylor) Batups born November 1891
2. Henretta Baylor born March 1892
3. Maria Louisa Beatty was born March 5, 1893, married Isaiah Joseph Lawson, had one son and died April 9, 1986      Their son was:
1. Isaiah J. Lawson Junior who was a dentist.   
4. Maud Crunkshank married Leonard Breda on September 11, 1920, resided at 2189 Wise Street and had three children;
1. Frankie Breda
2. Joe Breda
3. Joseph Breda
5. John Crunkshank born February 1900
6. William Crunkshank born May 1898
7. Chotilde Crunkahank Madison

9. Atlanta J. Young Junior born 1869 married Cecilia Wagner on December 12, 1891 who was born about 1868. Reverend Lanty James Young and his wife Cecilia moved to Alexandria and lived at 2307 Harrison Street. He was employed at George C. Vaughan and the couple had ten children.
1. Wilmer Young born January 1892 married Hattie Jett
2. Dan Young born 1898 married Viola Hobbs on February 26, 1924
3. Lanty Young Jr. born May 1897
4. Katie Young born 1900 and married Hubert Thorne on December 13, 1931, She was employed at Magnolia            Petroleum Co.
5. Lillian Young born 1903 died April 13,1978 and was buried at Holly Oak Cemetery in Pineville Louisiana.
6.Ethel Mae Young Comfort born 1911active member of Second Bethlehem Baptist Church .
Ethel had 1 son
1. Frankie Comfort
7. Rev. James Young born 1907 was last living in New Orleans. 
As of 11-28-2014 this is added information via family website and 1940 census records about James Young who was born in 1907 and includes some of his his family;   
Wife Lucile Young born about 1912
Daughter Myrtle Young born about 1930
Son James Young Jr born about 1932
Daughter  Lois Young Robinson born about 1928had a son name Milton Robinson 
8. John E Young born 1915  was last living in New York
9. Nathaniel Young born 1905
10.Gertrude young born August 1897 was a nurse and resided at 2307 Harrison.

10. Elijah Young born June 1875 in Bayou Rapides Parish, Ward 8 married Mary Shorter on December 16, 1903. They migrated to Alexandria Louisiana before 1910 according to the 1920 Census and purchased a home at 617 Elliot Street. Elijah and Mary had one son.
1. William Young who was born about 1908. Mary Young died before the 1930 Census.  

11. Steven Young, the youngest son of Lanty James Young was born 1880 in Rapides Parish Bayou Rapides on Ward 8.  His first wife was Mary Ann Perry whom he married on December 18, 1895 and had three children with. Steven’s 2nd wife was Lida Alexandre and they moved to Alexandria Louisiana and resided at 1991 Harrison Street where he owned and operated a grocery store at 2001 Harrison Street. Steven was also the superintendent of Standard Life Insurance Company. He died November 3, 1953 and was buried in Holly Oak Cemetery. Steven and Mary’s children were:
1. Auguste Young born 1896( status unknown)
2. Leona Young Taylor born 1900 (status unknown)
3. Drucella Young born 1902 and married twice. The first marriage was to Willie Patterson on June 22, 1922. Her second husband was Martin Brady whom she married September 8, 1924. She died December 21, 1935 and after her death Martin married Maria Brady and had four children. Those children were; 
(1)Leona Brady Allen
(2) Mary Brady Billard
(3)Elizabeth Brady 
(4) and Steven Y Brady who married (a)Eloise Young and (2) Dora Howard .


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