You are on the Young family website part of several other connected family sites. Our patriarch and great great grandfather William James Young was born about 1820. On September 24, 1869 he and Diana Thomas who was born about 1825 were married and later had the seven (7) children. For more information about them and their families click on their names.

Drucella,  Ralph Joseph ClarissaTaylorJoann  and  Anna.   (The information here was first documented in 1870 when the US Census recorded William (James)Young age 50, born about 1820 as the head of household. He was living in a dwelling in Rapides Parish Bayou in Louisiana with his family and was a farm laborer.)  

The information on all our family websites has been compiled though various U S Census reports as well as speculative information from remaining descendants. Our family historian Louis Brown Junior of Alexandria Louisiana researched and collected the documented information with the help of Mrs. Alice Faye Belmen who has since passed.

My hope along with my brother’s is our family members and those to come will appreciate having it available. We believe it is necessary for younger family members to know about 1870 it was reported some of the “Young” family members changed their surname to “James”.  Readers also need to know historic records showed it common to repeat  both first and last  names male and female members from generation to generation.  So as you are attempting to locate relatives make sure you check birthdays as well as names. If you are a family member wishing to add your information, photos, corrections, or upcoming events please feel free to e-mail me by clicking the email link below.

We look forward to meeting more family members and invite you to join us on the Dorty, Williams,Young,Brown, Brady Facebook Page. Take care of yourselves, each other, and to see old and new pictures associated with the family sites click the "Family Picture Link" above.

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