2014 Williams-Thomas-Young-Matthews-Dorty-Brown-Brady Family Reunion 
Hello family we hope you all are well, and were hoping to have our first combined Dorty, Williams, Brown, Brady reunion in July of 2014. Unfortunately, it has become too late to pull everything together for next year because we must have a full planning committee

More family members need to be involved before we can go on because family reunions require work, people, cooperation, and more than a few to make it happen. Since many have joined the family page, we believe you want to meet and know other family members, and hope more will volunteer.  

If you are financially or physically unable to attend we understand, but you can still help by passing the word on and encouraging those who can. Following are the committees we need help with; Computers, travel agents. reunion activities, budgets. Reunion sites and activities, themes, budgets, themes, menus, social activities, decorations, photography, guests list, printed programs, post reunion information, transportation, registration, worship services and cleanup. Hopefully, we will not have to postpone another family reunion… or even give up on having any because of lack of participation. We love you all and look forward to your questions comments ……and participation.  

A few weeks ago Anthony and Shaterica suggested various fund raising ideas to offset the cost for the proposed 2014 family reunion. They had some great ideas which will work for future family events, however we need more family participation and must have a planning committee. Some other ideas include holding auctions, raffles at the reunion, or making and selling family hats, t-shirts, books or reunion videos.  
Family reunions require a lot of work and cooperation and we are hoping some of you volunteer for one of the following committees, even if you are not financially or physically able. Below are the committees we need help with and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

1) Invite many of you know Dorty, Williams, Young, Browns, Brady family members we do not know. We need you to invite them to the family site and family page to help them see and understand how we are connected.  
2) Computers we need family members who have computer skills.
3) Travel agents we need family members who know, are associated with travel agents, or those familiar with organizing large family gathering. 
4) Reunion activities since we know the first reunion will be in Alexandria Louisiana, we need family members in the area to assist in finding things to do during the reunion.
5) Budgets we need volunteers who will help with budgets for food, decorations, accommodations, activities, and per-family registration fees.
6) Reunion sites we need suggestions from those living in Alexandria who know family friendly, cost effective places including those offering group rates.
7) Themes we need ideas for games, activities, invitations, family history, tidbits to share, birthday, anniversaries. And family members to compile this information.

8) Menus we need food suggestions for the banquet, suggestions about those who like cooking, their specialties, and possible family potluck or outside event. 
9) Social activities we need suggestions and volunteers for family activities for small children, teens, elders, family history, ways of creating special recognitions for oldest family members, longest distance traveled, family business, sets criteria, announces, promotes and supervises judging, recruits judges, orders honorary plaques and presents awards
10) Set the stage we need volunteers to make decorations, put together goodie bags, check into t-shirts, sign, etc.  
11) Say cheese most of you will have your own camera, but if there is someone in the family is a photographer it would be great to support and utilize them. Otherwise, we may need to hire someone locally to take professional pictures.  
12) Guests this is also a good opportunity to ask family members to provide family trees, photos, collectibles, and stories to share with other family members.
13) Print program we need help in creating a lineup of events for family members as they arrive at the reunion via email which will help serve as a reminder to bring things such as a photos, or wall or family tree charts. 
14) Decorations such as registration and guest books, addresses, and other information such as permanent records of the reunion. pre-made name badges, printed posters of common ancestors, evaluation forms for people as they leave. 
15) Post reunion information we need volunteers to create and send out a post-reunion newsletter with stories, photos, news items from the reunion. and updated genealogy charts. 
16) Transportation: we need local family members to help provides directions, maps, instructions, accommodations and restaurants along the way, airport pickup, arrangements to move members to different locations during the reunion (hotel, picnic, tours, church, for example). 
17) Registration: we need a welcoming committee that checks in new arrivals, makes and distributes name tags, gets change and collects money from last minute arrivals. 
18) Worship we need one or more Alexandria family members to select a church and make plans for the family’s visit.
19) Set-up/clean-up: we need volunteers to cleanup after family activities.

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