Clarissa Young was born about 1852, and was the daughter of William (James) Young. Clarissa married to Dennis King on December 31, 1868. Dennis was born about 1850 and was the son of Charity King who was born about 1820. Clarissa died before 1880 and had seven children with Dennis who were:

1. Charity King born 1871
2. Dinah King born 1872
3.William King born 1874
4. Torten King born 1875
5. Stafford King born 1877
6. Royal King born 1879
7. Dennis King Junior born 1873 married Mahala who was born May 1876. 

Dennis King Senior married again and had five more children:
8.   Israel King born 1871
9.   Solomon King 1890
10. Hennrietta King born May 1893
11. Mary King born 1896
12. Ola King born January 1897


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